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Story about the sun☀️

There was a boy who always dreamed for light .But he never had it he would try to invent something that would give light . And one day he dreamed to have light but with not an invention .With nature so he thought if he dreamed of it it will come true. So every night before going to bed he would dream of it and then sleep.And a miracle happened The sun showed it self to the world. The boy started crying ion joy and said. My dream did come true . The sun gave light to the world.The boy started to think that if he dreamed something and it became true that means whatever he dreamed is gonna become true. So that day he dreamed of having lots of toys. and then of money and so…

Then one day in his dream somebody said because you took advantage from the universe you will lose everything and he did when he woke up he couldn’t find the sun the toys or the money then he begged to bring the sun back he promised to not dream of nothing again. and the sun came back shining the world with its light. The boy got very happy and dreamed that the sun stayed for ever. The End

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