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3 day trip to Lori

Last Friday I went to a trip to Lori. It was my first trip of the year actually and it was an amazing experience to go there with my friends. The day that we had to leave from school we past a city named “Սպիտակ” honestly I admired the old buildings there I love old and abandoned buildings in my opinion there very cool and beautiful. Then we visited” Լոռի բերդ” it was really cool and the place was overall interesting . time skip when we reached the place that we needed to stay. My first opinion of the place I thought its gonna be smith old broken down from the outside it didn’t look new. When we entered I was in shock how nice it was I guess that’s what you say don’t judge a book by its cover. We were all assigned rooms and I got a room with my friends and 2 new girls which I became friends with. Me and my friends explored the place a bit and admired the beauty. After some time we headed back inside. That night we started a fire and started singing talking overall just a having a good time it honestly looked like something I would see in a film. At 12:00am we went back to our rooms but me and my friends didn’t sleep we actually stayed awake for a bit then slept. The next day we woke and helped the teachers with cooking breakfast. Then we went to our rooms to clean up from the night before. After breakfast we helped cleaning the kitchen and that day the band was gonna perform so they did some practice I was honestly just watching them and admiring them. After a the practice we had to leave to the place that the event was gonna take place. When we arrived there some people offered some food to us which I didn’t reject because I love food. after the band performed we chose a spot and got a fire starting and staring to make potatoes . After a while I heard familiar music which was Armenian folk dance songs which me and my friend joined and then the teachers joined as well we had a fun time there and then we went back to the place we were staying. Again that night we started a campfire and sang songs talked about different topics and overall had a fun time after the campfire we went inside and spend time in the kitchen playing games and getting to know the teachers better. And then it was the last day and we came back to Yerevan. I just wanna say from this trip I made new friends and got closer to some of the teachers and my friends and I understand them much better now. I still think about the trip everyday because how fun it was I would honestly to go to a trip again like this. This trip was honestly unforgettable.

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