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Personality adjectives. classwork

1 – sensitive

2 – determined

3 – considerate

4 – imaginative

5 – insensitive

6 – ambitious

7- bossy

8- independent

9- sensible

10 — bad-tempered


Objective advanced, page 10

1. She seems very conscientious and is obviously putting a lot of effort into her new job.

2. With two years’ experience in the classroom, I’d say he’s a very competent teacher.

3. I think she’d make a great team leader because she’s a decisive sort of person, whereas I find it hard to make up my mind.

4. It was a narrow-minded decision to resign in protest at the company’s pollution record.

5. I’d describe her as a down-to-earth sort of person with no pretensions.

6. One of his daughters is outgoing, while the other one is really shy — how strange!

7. To my mind, he has a very unconventional way of dressing — it’s very creative.

8. You could say they display the typical, narrow-minded attitudes of small communities.

9. She gave a very persuasive speech about the need for more funding.

10. If she’s an international lawyer, then she needs to be very knowledgeable in her job.

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