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Reported speech

Exercise 1

1. Mary said, “I will play a card game tomorrow.”

Mary informed me that she would play a card game the next day.

2. Sophie said, “I went to bed early last night.”

Sophie said that she had gone to bed early the previous night.

3. The teacher said to Jenny, „You have to learn your grammar.”

The teacher told Jenny that she had to learn her grammar.

4. Jessica told the immigration officer,” This is my first trip to England.”

Jessica told the immigration officer that was her first trip to England.

5. He told me, “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

He told me that I was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen.

6. Marty said, “I’m going to visit my uncle next month.”

Marty said that he was going to visit his uncle the following month.

7. Lara said, “I get on with my parents really fine.”

Lara said that she got on with her parents really fine.

8. Gloria explained, “I can’t come to the party because I’m going away for the weekend.”

Gloria explained that she couldn’t come to the party because she was going away for the weekend.

9. Mark said, “My friend found a new job in the music business.”

Mark said that his friend had found a new job in the music business.

10. Judy complained, “I have already written this essay four times.”

Judy complained that she had already written this essay four times.

11. Peter announced, “I will not give up until this factory is shut down.”

Peter announced that he wouldn’t give up until this factory was shut down.

12. Her boyfriend told her,” You have bought a wonderful dress.”

Her boyfriend told her that she had bought a wonderful dress.

13. Paul said, “I don’t like my new flat.”

Paul said that he didn’t like his new flat.

14. My father told Ben, “I am sure I saw you here last week.

My father told Ben that he was sure he had seen him here the previous week.

15. Betty said, „If I knew the answer, I would tell you.”

Betty said that if she had known the answer, she would have told him.

Exercise 2

1.He works in a bank.

She said that he worked in a bank.

2.We went out last night.

She said that they had gone out last night.

3.I’m coming!

She said that she was coming.

4.I was waiting for the bus when he arrived.

She said that she had been waiting for the bus when he arrived.

5.I’d never been there before.

She said that she had never been there before.

6.I didn’t go to the party.

She said that she hadn’t gone to the party.

7.Lucy will come later.

She said that Lucy would come later.

8.He hasn’t eaten breakfast.

She said that he hadn’t eaten breakfast.

9.I can help you tomorrow.

She said that she could help me tomorrow.

10.You should go to bed early.

She said that I should go to bed early.

11.I don’t like chocolate.

She said that she didn’t like chocolate.

12.I won’t see you tomorrow.

She said that she wouldn’t see me tomorrow.

13.She’s living in Paris for a few months.

She said that she was living in Paris for a few months.

14.I visited my parents at the weekend.

She said that she had visited her parents at the weekend.

15.She hasn’t eaten sushi before.

She said that she hadn’t eaten sushi before.

16.I hadn’t travelled by underground before I came to London.

She said that she hadn’t travelled by underground before she came to London.

17.They would help if they could.

She said that they would help if they could.

18.I’ll do the washing-up later.

She said that she would do the washing-up later.

19.He could read when he was three.

She said that he could read when he was three.

20.I was sleeping when Julie called.

She said that she had been sleeping when Julie called.

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My school trip

This Friday I went to my first trip to Lori. It was my first trip since I have been in high school last year. I went last year and this year was my first one. Out of the two I liked the second one better because it was more fun. I went to the trip with a couple of my friends and other people. I managed to make new friends and socialize. I got closer with some of the teachers and got to understand them. In my opinion school trips teach you a lot of new stuff u can socialize and get closer to my friends. I would love to go to trips with my class so I can get closer with them and understand them better. I think we should go somewhere where the whole class feels comfortable with. Out of the school trips I went to Dubai because I was born there I visit there pretty often. I would love to take my class to Dubai I think we would have a fun time. In Dubai I went to the places I would usually go to but I did go to new places such as global village and more. I went to a lot of thrift stores anime stores and I tried a lot of new food.

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Brands Name History

AdidasNamed for nickname of Adolf “Adi” Dassler
AmazonMost voluminous river for a site with hoped for voluminous sales
AppleSteve Job’s favorite fruit, simple and not cold or unapproachable
like IBM
CanonJapanese name of Buddhist bodhissatva for mercy Kannon
Coca-ColaMade from coca leaves and kola nuts—coca-kola
DanoneNamed for nickname of founder’s first son Daniel—Dan + One
eBayWas originally Echo Bay, but that was taken,
so Echo was shortened to e
GoogleA misspelling for math term “googol”
M&MsFor partners Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie (son of Hershey president)
PepsiNamed for digestive enzyme pepsin
ReebokNamed for African antelope rhebok
SamsungKorean for three stars
ToyotaFounder name Toyoda turned out to be hard to spell
VolkswagenGerman for peoples’ car
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Confusing word pairs (part 2)

  1. The museum had often been cited as an example of successful fund-raising.

2. I can offer you a lot of good shopping sites.

3. My mum keeps yelling at my siblings to stop playing video games because their eye sight is already bad.

4. I loved beige a part of the student council we were able to stop bullying amongst kids.

5. The teacher counseled the class about not to break the rules.

6. The fewer the mistakes the higher the score.

7. The less I know the better.

8. He may be he is telling the truth.

9. Maybe he should see a doctor

10. He has been through a lot lately.

11.He also gained a thorough acquaintance with the French language.

12. Whether it’s for her or not , I will do whatever it takes.

13. The weather is so confusing .

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Confusing word pairs (part 1)

  1. I didn’t think about how it might affect you if I got hurt out there.

2. Her statement had immediate effect on the company.

3. The murderer was among us but we didn’t know who it was.

4. Between both outfits I liked the first one more.

5. The principal ensured that the students were behaving well at the meeting.

6. She blinked and read it again, counting the zeros to assure that she had read it properly.

7. The police will insure your car against theft.

8. Why were you holding your breath ?

9. While i was having a panic attack people around me were telling me to breathe in and out.

10. The capital city of Dubai is Abu Dhabi.

11. The first state capitol was completed in 1836.

12. I don’t like when people compliment me.

13. Those earrings will complement your dress.

14. This book is very uninteresting .

15. The bowl is full because the dog is disinterested in his new food.

16. Tomas will sneak across the border if he is not allowed to legally immigrate.

17. There are so many emigrants lately but I hope they like our country .

18. He doesn’t have sympathy for her.

19. This therapist didn’t have empathy at all .

20. I am sorry but you can’t move further in this competition.

21. The nearest house was farther than she thought.

22. Loose clothing have been fashionable lately.

23. I hope they don’t lose.