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lady or the tiger

Scene 1 

*Medieval music playing* 

Karine: In the very olden times there lived a semi-barbaric king and queen. Some of their ideas were progressive. But others caused people to suffer. They loved to have everything their way and whatever they agreed upon was quickly done. This story, which is filled with drama and plot twists, shows love, jealousy, justice and injustice. The scene took place in the public square where the king and queen gathered everyone in the village.  

*king and queen wave* 

King: I’m King Edward and this is my wife queen Diana. 

Queen: I don’t need you to introduce me when I can do that myself. I’m Queen Diana. 

*Queen nudges princess*  

Queen: *whispers* Introduce yourself. 

The princess introduces herself. 

King: I am here with an important message. From this day on whoever commits a crime will be put into an arena and his future will be decided then.  

Scene 2 

*The princess is in her room, reading* (her window is open) 

*Suddenly a letter and a rose appear from the window* 

*Mary opens the letter and then looks down her window, sees Zayn* 

Mary: If you continue doing this we are going to get caught.  

Zayn: I couldn’t bear being apart from you any longer. Now, tell me, when are we going to be free 

Mary : i don’t know

Zayn : So am i going to come here all the time so we can come to an agreement

Mary : i supposed so

*queen Diana yelling for Mary *

Mary : hurry up and leave she cant see you

*Zayn leaves*

*Queen enters the room *

Queen : i heard voices were you talking to someone

Mary : Only myself

* Queen leaves the room suspiciously*

Scene 3 

Later that night princess Mary and her sister Caroline were in their room, where Caroline was reading a book. She noticed that her sister was unfocused. 

Caroline: What’s on your mind? You seem very distracted  

Mary: Oh, nothing important. 

Caroline: Are you sure it isn’t important? You have been like this all day. 

Mary: I have to admit, sister. There is something that is bothering me and has been for a long time. I have met someone but I fear he isn’t royalty. And I think I’ve found myself falling for him.  

Caroline: Describe the mystery man.  

Mary: Well, he’s quite clever, kind and loyal. Every second that I’m apart from him I feel such emptiness.  

Caroline: I actually have to confess something too. But first tell me the young man’s name.  

Mary: His name is Zayn.  

*A moment of silence* 

*Caroline’s mood changes* 

Mary: So what is it that you wanted to tell me? 

Caroline: Oh, I forgot. So, how did you meet him? 

*Karine (the narrator) stands in front of the sisters (Nune and Serli pretend to talk). 

Karine: And so the princess starts telling Caroline the wonderful story of her meeting her love. I know what you may be thinking. This royal family seems normal and perfect, but they have many secrets. One of them being “princess” Caroline. Before the queen was forcefully married to the king she was with a commoner. They ended up having a child, a child which is a mystery to everyone but the Princess and the Queen. Everyone else in the castle, even the King think she’s just a royal worker.  *Therapist (Arax) comes in, improvises*

Scene 4

Karine : A few month past the commoner continues his visits to see the princess this has been there only way for communication and they valued every moment together . One day when the commoner visited her again and they were having a conversation something unbelievable happened

* Karine leaves the stage*

*The princess and the commoner having conversation*

*suddenly journalists appear and start photographing them*

*The guards come and arrest the young man *

*Caroline smirking and giving money to the journalists*

*Queen and king storm in *

Queen : How dare you

King : This boy must be punished

Scene 5

Karine: It is now the day of the trial. Everyone is waiting for the king’s speech, since no one knows what’s going on. 

*King sits on the throne*

King: Today a young man’s destiny will be decided. Opposite me there are two doors. They are exactly alike. The prisoner has to walk in and open one of them. Behind one door is a hungry tiger which will kill him immediately. But if the prisoner opens the other door a beautiful lady steps out. Then a priest will appear and marry them immediately.

*The guards bring the young man into the arena*

*Therapists come in freestyle*

Karine: The princess is devastated and tries to help the commoner using sign language and despite her not knowing which door is which she pointes him to the right door.

*The commoner opens the door serli comes out*

*Queen and princess gasp in shock*

*The priest comes and starts marring them when the queen shouts *

Queen: Stop the ceremony this cant be happening

King: Why my love

Queen: Dont call me love and stop the ceremony its my daughter *almost crying*

*The Audience gasp in shock*

*The journalist go crazy*

Journalist: Take photots and videos this is gonna be great money

Camerawomen: Yes we are going to be rich

King: She cant possibly be your daughter

Queen: Well she is and she is not marring a commoner

Princess: Well… I am if not we are going to run away and never see you again

*audience gaps again*

*Journalist go crazy again*

King: Is that really what you want?

Princess and commoner : YES!!

Queen: Im calling my therapists

*Therapists come in sum everything up and finish our story*

Caroline: But this is not fair

Therapists: The story is already over thank you for watching this crazy story unfold



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Books or Movies

Honestly i love both. Sometimes the books have something different in it and the movie is different so thats interesting also i love reading and watching i enjoy doing both. While reading you imagine of whats going on in the book but when your watching the series or movie you live up to your expectations and your imagination comes true. But sometimes i get let down by the books or the movies because they are not what i expected. My favorite movie genre is horror, detective and more same for the books. My current favorite movie is “the call”and ” the character”. and my current favorite book is actually a novel by Jeffrey archer. My favorite series are American horror story , Hannibal and squid games.

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How i spend my independence day

I honestly did nothing interesting just my daily routine and then i climbed a mountain that was fun and fresh but i cant feel my legs. I went to “Հավուց Թառ” i met new people and had a fun time after that i came home and starting watching squid games which i recommend real quick let me tell you what squid games is about this kdrama is about a man meeting a person who told him that he will give him money because he is in big debt and they offer him to play a game and if he wins he will get a cash prize little its a killing game . I honestly love this show tho i havnt finished it yet i love it. Anyways back to what i did i was watching this show while drawing and then we had a family movie night where we watched mulan again. and thats how my independence day went

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About myself (formally)

Hello my name is Arax Kalijain . I am 15 years old . I have been a formal student in Bleyan for 3 years now . My hobbies are singing , sewing , drawing and more. I play the electric guitar and i am learning how to play the drums tho i have learned to multiple instruments such as the flute, the piano and the violin. My dream is to become a fashion designer but that wasn’t my first choice. My first choice is to become a homicide detective. Im very interested in making jewelry , art , murder cases and more. I love languages and i often see that i learn them very quickly. I am now putting myself a goal so i can learn Japanese. I am also very interested in cultures they are interesting to me to see how different they are from Armenians. I am also enjoy playing video games . I love playing them on my free time. One of my favorite games are call of duty and horizon zero dawn. At the moment i am playing zelda skyward sword. I also love reading i am currently reading the novel “only time will tell” by Jeffrey Archer . I already have 3 of the 6 novels and i love it and i would recommend. I would also recommend the catch of the rye . Well thats what i can tell you about myself

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Doctor Death

Dr. Harold Shipman was a British physician who became notoriously known as Dr. Death when he was arrested for the murder of more than 200 people. He was a married man and had a family of five. No one could have thought a man with such a regular life could commit such heinous acts while being a doctor. Shipman never got along with his doctor colleagues as they did not like his over-confident and arrogant behavior.

In 1972, Shipman started practicing medicine. He killed around 71 of his patients while working as a junior doctor at Donnybrook practice. His target was old women. However, he also killed a lot of men. In the 1980s, Dr. Shipman became a general practitioner, and the number of murders doubled. He killed 215 patients while working as a GP in Hyde. In 1993, he established his clinic at 21 Market Street and continued killing people.

In 1998, Shipman killed his final victim, Mrs. Grundy. The daughter of the last victim, Kathleen Grundy, refused to cremate her mother and pressed charges against Shipman for not only killing her mother but also trying to tamper with Mrs. Grundy’s will. The victim’s body was sent for an autopsy that revealed Dr. Shipman had injected her with pharmaceutical-grade heroin called diamorphine and killed her. Shipman was arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

On January 13, 2004, Shipman committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell. He never confessed to any of his crimes.

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My opinion about the case

This case is one of the cases that changed a Whole rule in the UK. but not all of the countries in the UK banded the death penalty. Now on with the case. I feel like the biggest mistake in this case was the police not caring and wanting to finish the case faster. The police didn’t have enough evidence to accuse Evans. And when Evans mentioned that they should look into Christie they should have done so . The second mistake was the fact that they gave him the death penalty when they didn’t even have enough evidence . After they executed Evans And found out that Christie was actually the one they were shocked. That was a big mistake when Evans mentioned the name of Christie they should have looked into him no matter what even if Evans was the killer just to double check . Now the case is done this is what i think i can 100% agree that the police now are better we have devices and other stuff . But the technology does not mean we don’t wrongfully accuse the victims now. There are multiple cases where the victims where not heard and where wrongfully accused . Now back to the case They could have at least kept Evans in a holding cell until they found enough evidence or found the right guy . im happy tho that they all got the justice they deserved. Although Christie was a serial killer. Anyways i knew this case before we talked about it and honestly this is one of my least favorite cases.

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An extraordinary case in British legal historyTimothy Evans
Fill in the gaps with the words below. It should be born in mind that the word enquiry is used twice
Law and order, crime and punishment

The story began when a man called Timothy Evans was arrested for the murder of his wife and baby. He was charged with the double murder, but a short time later one of the charges was dropped and he was tried for the murder of his daughter only. During the trial Evans accused the man whose house he had been living in, John Christie, of the crimes, but no attention was paid to him. The jury found Evans guilty and he was sentenced to death. An appeal was turned down and he was executed in 1950.

Some time later, more women’s bodies were discovered in Christie’s house: two, three, four, five, six. John Christie was the police’s chief suspect and they started a nationwide hunt for him. He was soon apprehended. Alleged statements by Christie while he was in custody cast doubt on the Evans hanging. When he went to court, Christie denied that he had murdered Mrs. Evans, but in private it was said that he confessed to that crime. His plea of insanity with regard of other murderers was rejected and he was convicted of killing his wife.

Soon afterwards there was an enquiry into the execution Timothy Evans. The judges decided that justice had been done and Evans had been rightly hanged. It was only in 1966 that another enquiry was set up. This time it was decided that Evans had probably been innocent and he was given a free pardon. Better late than never, as they say.

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Homework — Frank R. Stockton «The Lady, or the Tiger?»

As you know, American writer Frank R. Stockton has left the ending of «The Lady, or the Tiger?» ambiguous to stimulate discussion among readers. You are not simply consumers of knowledge but you are also creators and you are not mere readers of this tale. Please write an interesting ending of the fairy tale and substantiate your argument.

  1. the tiger

So in my mind there are multiple endings. let me start with the possibility that the princess signaled the man to choose the door with the tiger. Let me tell you why she was jealous she liked him first and he was the first one that returned love to her. She would obviously be jealous if she saw him with another women. Keep in mind that he was the most handsome man in town and they brought the most beautiful women in town. It would be a pain for the princess to see him with another women. In my mind she would rather see him dead then with someone else.

2. The women

The second possibility would be that the princess signaled the man to the women.Yes she loved him. But if she loved him that means she wouldn’t want to see him dead she would rather see him alive with another women. Of course she would be heart broken at least she knows that his right in front of her . Plus they might even meet if thing don’t go well with the women.

3. Plot twist

I feel like this story needs a plot twist. Such as the princess singled him to the right door but in the door is nothing his free and he would run away and be with the princess. Because she couldn’t see him dead nor with another women. She would rather run away with her lover.

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About myself

Hey im Arax and im going to be telling you about myself. I have been here in the school for 3 years i think(sorry i dont know math). anyways its pretty interesting to see the difference between what i write about myself every year. Now let me talk about this year me . So my hobbies are sports, singing, drawing , sewing and more…

from instruments i am currently learning the drums and the electric guitar but i used to play multiple instruments such as the piano, violin and the flute but i hated all of them. The things im really into right now are fashion, making a band , murder cases and other stuff.

when i grow up i wanna become a fashion designer tho my first option was a homicide detective. btw i am a leo. thank you for reading this

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Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is a survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. The sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017),players control Ethan Winters, who is searching for his kidnapped daughter; after a fateful encounter with Chris Redfield, he finds himself in a village filled with mutant creatures. While Village maintains the Resident Evil series’ survival horror elements, the game adopts a more action-oriented gameplay style compared to its predecessor.

This game is one of my resents i played the first resident evil game and i loved the story and everything so when this one came out i was very excited the game is overall interesting for people you like horror i would recommend but if you dont better not playing it there are jump scares sometimes kind of monsters that not all people like but i love them so it was no problem for me overall i would recommend this game it has a very interesting story and amazing graphics.