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We grow up hearing the phrase ”Love conquers all.” O. Henry’s short story ”A Service of Love” is an example of how love drives two people to sacrifice their ambitions for the sake of each other.

The story begins with the premise that ”when one loves one’s Art no service seems too hard.” O. Henry then introduces Joe, our main character, as an aspiring artist. When Joe was six years old, his first painting was hung at the drug store. Now, at age 20, he is headed to New York to study art. Delia is a talented pianist. She’s from the South, and her family gathers up the money to send her to art school in the North. 

Joe and Delia meet at an artsy workshop where people like them hang out. They fall in love and are married soon after. They take up a small, unimpressive flat but are happy together.

Joe enrolls in an expensive class with a famous Magister, and Delia studies under Rosenstock, a famous pianist. Joe wants to paint pictures that old, rich men would love to buy. Delia wants to be sought after by orchestras where she can be treated like a diva. They talk about their goals over their quaint dinners.

A Silver Lining

One day, Delia comes home excited and tells Joe that she’s found a student. She’s going to give music lessons to the daughter of a wealthy general. She explains how lovely their home is and how the daughter is a wonderful girl who always wears white. Joe is distraught; he doesn’t want her to have to work and put her music aside. He thinks about quitting his art and getting a blue collar job. Delia disagrees. Joe hopes someone will buy his sketches that are hung in Tinkle’s window. 

At the end of the week, Delia proudly places her wages on the table: $15 for three classes per week. She complains about her student, Clementina, saying that Clementina doesn’t listen and doesn’t practice enough. Then, Joe takes out $18 he earned from a fat rich man who bought his sketch. Delia is delighted, and they celebrate. 

The Reveal

The next week, Delia comes home with bandages on her hand. Her explanation is that Clementina spilled hot food on her. She says that General Pinkney sent the furnace man to bring cloth and oil for her burns. 

Joe becomes suspicious and asks her what time this happened. She says at five o’clock, ”the iron – I mean the rabbit came off the fire about that time.” Joe asks her to sit down and inquires what she has actually been doing with her time. She confesses that she lied and has been ironing shirts at the laundry. She didn’t want Joe to give up his art, so she decided to take this job instead. 

She asks how he knew that she was lying. He then confesses that no one bought his sketches. He’s been working on the engine at the laundry place and coincidentally had sent up cotton and oil for a girl working upstairs who burned her hand. They both laugh. Then Joe says, ”when one loves one’s Art no service seems too hard”, but Delia corrects him and says, ”just ‘When one loves.”’ 

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Myths and legends

What is a Myth

A myth is a traditional, ancient story that is fictional. Myths were often written to explain natural phenomena and quite often involved gods and fantasy creatures.

What is a legend

A legend is a story which takes place within human history. Legends are widely believed to be rooted in the truth, but will have evolved over time and taken on fictional elements.

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  3. Zeus, Hades, Poseidon Greek mythology (Nune)
  4. The Myth of pandora box (Albert)
  5. 5 Spanish myths and legends (Nare)
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Culture shock

Hello im Arax and i was born and raised in Dubai . When your from outside and your told something about a country or city its really different from when you visit that place. When i came to Armenia i had a culture shock on a lot of things. Before i came everyone told me that Armenians are nice to people from outside well in my case it wasn’t true they told us why we came to Armenia and more. I kinda felt like an outcast and like since i didn’t know russian when i first came when i asked the store worker if they could help me they would get annoyed and tell me that i needed to know russian and not bother them but the fact that was their job and they had to help a customer when asked a question well i don’t know. Another culture shock was that Armenians tend to think that if you have like 100 dram more then them that your rich and stuff. Honestly i am now used to what armenians do because i have lived here long enough to understand how they act and talk. I sound like i hate Armenia but i dont its just stuff i saw when i first came which was really shocking to me.

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Personality adjectives. classwork

1 – sensitive

2 – determined

3 – considerate

4 – imaginative

5 – insensitive

6 – ambitious

7- bossy

8- independent

9- sensible

10 — bad-tempered


Objective advanced, page 10

1. She seems very conscientious and is obviously putting a lot of effort into her new job.

2. With two years’ experience in the classroom, I’d say he’s a very competent teacher.

3. I think she’d make a great team leader because she’s a decisive sort of person, whereas I find it hard to make up my mind.

4. It was a narrow-minded decision to resign in protest at the company’s pollution record.

5. I’d describe her as a down-to-earth sort of person with no pretensions.

6. One of his daughters is outgoing, while the other one is really shy — how strange!

7. To my mind, he has a very unconventional way of dressing — it’s very creative.

8. You could say they display the typical, narrow-minded attitudes of small communities.

9. She gave a very persuasive speech about the need for more funding.

10. If she’s an international lawyer, then she needs to be very knowledgeable in her job.

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My January camp

My January camp was amazing. My camps teacher was Ms Ruzanna our spanish teacher. My camp days were filled with games, trips , discussions and more…

Let me first say what discussions we had. We had discussions about social media, Death sentence should be legal or not , about the movie the place and a story about the suicidal boy which was translated by our teacher Ms Ruzanna herself. Those discussions were amazing and i loved hearing everyones opinion. Now let me touch up on the trips. We went ice skating and also we went to the blue mosque and we went to a quest. Every year our school takes us to ice skating and its amazing to see my progress and how well im able to skate now since i use to go to skating its easier for me and also im able to help the people you cant skate. The blue mosque was just beautiful i have seen it before but its amazing every time i see it. Now to the fun part the quest. I love puzzles and escape rooms so i was interested how it was in Armenia. The quest we wet was interesting overall that day was awesome . We also had kitchen time where we made spanish food. i cant overall say everything we did because it was alot. But i just loved everything we did and im now excited to start normal lessons