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Confusing word pairs (part 1)

  1. I didn’t think about how it might affect you if I got hurt out there.

2. Her statement had immediate effect on the company.

3. The murderer was among us but we didn’t know who it was.

4. Between both outfits I liked the first one more.

5. The principal ensured that the students were behaving well at the meeting.

6. She blinked and read it again, counting the zeros to assure that she had read it properly.

7. The police will insure your car against theft.

8. Why were you holding your breath ?

9. While i was having a panic attack people around me were telling me to breathe in and out.

10. The capital city of Dubai is Abu Dhabi.

11. The first state capitol was completed in 1836.

12. I don’t like when people compliment me.

13. Those earrings will complement your dress.

14. This book is very uninteresting .

15. The bowl is full because the dog is disinterested in his new food.

16. Tomas will sneak across the border if he is not allowed to legally immigrate.

17. There are so many emigrants lately but I hope they like our country .

18. He doesn’t have sympathy for her.

19. This therapist didn’t have empathy at all .

20. I am sorry but you can’t move further in this competition.

21. The nearest house was farther than she thought.

22. Loose clothing have been fashionable lately.

23. I hope they don’t lose.

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