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Confusing word pairs (part 2)

  1. The museum had often been cited as an example of successful fund-raising.

2. I can offer you a lot of good shopping sites.

3. My mum keeps yelling at my siblings to stop playing video games because their eye sight is already bad.

4. I loved beige a part of the student council we were able to stop bullying amongst kids.

5. The teacher counseled the class about not to break the rules.

6. The fewer the mistakes the higher the score.

7. The less I know the better.

8. He may be he is telling the truth.

9. Maybe he should see a doctor

10. He has been through a lot lately.

11.He also gained a thorough acquaintance with the French language.

12. Whether it’s for her or not , I will do whatever it takes.

13. The weather is so confusing .

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