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Culture shock

Hello im Arax and i was born and raised in Dubai . When your from outside and your told something about a country or city its really different from when you visit that place. When i came to Armenia i had a culture shock on a lot of things. Before i came everyone told me that Armenians are nice to people from outside well in my case it wasn’t true they told us why we came to Armenia and more. I kinda felt like an outcast and like since i didn’t know russian when i first came when i asked the store worker if they could help me they would get annoyed and tell me that i needed to know russian and not bother them but the fact that was their job and they had to help a customer when asked a question well i don’t know. Another culture shock was that Armenians tend to think that if you have like 100 dram more then them that your rich and stuff. Honestly i am now used to what armenians do because i have lived here long enough to understand how they act and talk. I sound like i hate Armenia but i dont its just stuff i saw when i first came which was really shocking to me.

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