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why I want to go to Izmir🚀

This post is going to be the explanation of why I want to go to Izmir.I really love traveling and that Is actually one the reasons I always do travel and I do enjoy it!

when I heard our school is taking to Izmir I thought there must be taking us to Izmir for a reason. So I asked and they said that because there is going to be a space camp there and they have been doing this space camp program for about 8 years so I got curious and me my friends and other students were in a room with us and the teacher told us all about what we were going to do there. When I was younger i always dreamed to go out to space and all the time when the teachers would ask me where would I like to travel ?

I would always answer space. There are lots of reasons that I would like to participate to this adventure .thank you for reading this post🥰🥰