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My trip to Alaverdi

I wanted to take time off everything and go to this trip. I wanted to clear my head and have fun for 3 days before i came back home. Honestly this was my first 3 day trip of the year and i loved it the village was so aesthetic and i loved the vibe. As a horror fan it reminded me of an abandoned town or placed where scary stuff happen back to the topic. The village was full with beautiful scenery and more.

Day 1

The first day was great we had stopes but i was honestly waiting for the minute we were gonna reach our hotel when i saw where we were staying a sudden rush of excitement came. Let me add that the bus ride was fun as well i missed beige with friends singing and having fun until we reach our destination . On the ride we sang throw back songs and songs that reminded us of our pasts i loved it . The same day after we took a rest we adventured threw the village it was so fun. Later that night we decided to adventure a little further and found out that the village is filled with abandoned building and more… That night was very fun i was glad for once me and my friends could hang out and have fun and laugh. I more want to talk about the fun times and not the trip but i will add a bit of both. At night we ate snacks and had fun .

Day 2

The second day i woke up early with my friends and got ready for the day . We drank our coffee and ate breakfast that day we had a lot of places to go we went to 2 more Vanqs that we also went to a factory and also saw how people are ruining our beautiful nature. Honestly on this trip i saw the 2 sides of nature the beautiful and the ugly part. The beautiful part was the scenery and more. The ugly part is i saw how we are destroying that beautiful scenery by cutting the trees throwing toxins in the water and more… this is a horrible scene that is in our nature and this is a warning for us to change ourselves.

it might look beautiful but this is actually all a pool of metal and very dangerous toxins in water where people use the water for watering there plants animals drink from this and people get illnesses from it. and we need to stop this a man mentioned that they have found a new solution which is drying the metal/toxic water and making it usable which i think is a better idea. Now on this trip i feel like i was working as a photographer i was taking photos for everyone and of the scenery i didn’t mind tho. I liked it. After going back to the hotel me and my friends to adventure more and we found an abandoned arena and it was so cool it was next to the river we stayed there for a while and went back for food. That day we released that the next day was returning day so we had to make it as memorable as possible. AND it was we laughed and had a great and memorable night.

Day 3

When we woke we didn’t want to leave because we were going to come back home and do what we do usually do hw go to school and other stuff but we packed our bags and left that beautiful place we then had a couple of stops and came to Yerevan. The trip back nearly everyone was sleeping because we didn’t have enough sleep the day before but what can we say it was fun.

This trip was amazing and thank you to all my friends who came with me i learned more about them met new people and discovered new places overall i loved this trip.I will miss Alaverdi and i hope i can go back there someday.

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