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Students book

3. Listen again. In which conversation hear these words? Write the number.

a. attachment – 2
b. coverage – 1
c. downloaded – 3
d. file – 2
e. install – 3
f. online – 2
g. program – 3
h. upload – 1

1. Circle the correct words.

  1. go online
    2. post a message
    3. key in your password
    4. install a program
    5. attach a file
    6. download a file
    7. download a file
    8. delete a message
    9. open an attachment
    10. buy an app
    11. activate flight mode
    12. have network coverage

2. Match the verbs with the nouns. Make as many combinations as you can.

0 install program
1 attach a file
2 download an app
3 upload a photo
4 open an attachment
5 post a massage
6 delete a program
7 activate fight mode
8 key in a password

1. Complete the sentences from the conversations with the verb forms.

1 The photo was taken on a safari trip.
2 Just click on it and the program is installed automatically.
3 The network is being repaired out here.

2 Rewrite the sentences in the passive.

0 Someone posted a message. A message was posted.
1 Someone is downloading a program. A program is downloading.
2 Someone has installed a new program. A new program was installes.
3 Someone has keyed in the password. The password was keyed.
4 Someone is repairing the anti-virus software. The anti-virus software is pepairing.
5 Someone deleted the message. The message was deleted.

3 Describe one of these processes using the passive.
• downloading an app to your mobile phone.

I’m logging into App Store. I’m choosing the program which i need,then I’m reading the review about that app.If I like the reviews,I install the app.

Work book

1. Complete the words in the sentences.

1 Have you got a fight mode?
2 Can I help you?
3 Can you Iisten me?
4 Could you help me with something?
5 Do you need any help?

2 Put the dialogue in order.

MIMI Dad, have you got a few minutes?
DAD That depends. What do you want?
MIMI Could you help me with my homework?
DAD I’m sorry but I’m a bit busy.
MIMI But you said you’d help me.
MIMI I’d done my homework.
DAD So I’ll make you a deal.
MIMI What deal?
DAD Tidy your room and then I’ll lend you a hand with your homework.
MIMI That’s the same deal we had before!
DAD And you said you’d tidy your room -remember?
MIMI I said that I was going to tidy it after.

1 Match the sentence halves.

1 Have you seen that Brian has posted – g it to an email.
2 Before you start you have to key – h in your password.
3 I’m having a problem installing – d this program. Can you help?
4 Send me the photo. You can attach – e this file. It’s really big.
5 I’m going to upload – a all my holiday photos online.
6 I’m sorry. I deleted your – b message. Can you send it again?
7 I’m not sure how to activate – c the flight mode on this tablet.
8 It’s taking ages to download – f another message on the school website?

1 Rewrite the sentences using the passive.

1 Five people have posted new messages on my website.
New messages was posted on my website.
2 Someone uploaded the video into YouTube.
The video into YouTube was uploaded.
3 Someone had already keyed in my password.
My passwordwas keyed.
4 Two million people have downloaded this video.
This video was downloaded.
5 No one activated the flight mode.
The flight mode wasn’t activated.
6 The program is attaching the file to the message.
The file is attaching to the message.

1 Complete the dialogue with words in the list.

LIAM My computer has been hacked.
KATE What do you mean, ‘hacked’?
LIAM Someone has accessed my computer from another computer.
KATE Really? How do you know?
LIAM A program has been installed that has deleted loads of my passwords.
KATE That’s terrible.
LIAM And all my files have been stolen too.
KATE So what are you going to do?
LIAM My computer is being looked at by an expert at the moment. He said he could hopefully delete the program.
KATE And if he can’t?
LIAM He said I’d have to buy new computer.
KATE Well, if you do, remember to buy some antivirus software.
LIAM Yes, and then create some new passwords!

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