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Trip to Gyumri

This friday we went on a trip to Gyumri / Shirak Province. While we were on the bus going to our first stop we were listening to music and just having a good time. Then we finally reached our first stop. We stopped by a skiing place. And we skied and had fun. some of my friends fell while skiing we had a fun time, they laughed a lot. After that, we went to the place where we were to stay for 3 days. After everyone got their rooms and unpacked suitcases went to the restaurant to eat. After eating we rested a bit and everyone decided to meet up in one of the rooms to get to know each other better and to have fun which we did. After that, we had dinner and had a great night dancing and singing songs. The next day we went to a frozen lake which was very cool we also went to a church nearby and one of the villagers gave us information about the church and the village which was very interesting. The same day some of the students decided to try the extreme bridge because they thought it was cool I honestly was scared but I wanted to try as well but I didn’t dare in the end. The extreme bridge was bridge in the air with 2 people on the sides shaking and moving the bridge. Basically it was very cool some of the students came back after a couple of steps because they were scared. That same night we danced and sang again and had a good time. Sadly the next day was the last day that meant packing up and going back home . On our way back we stopped in Gyumri , entered a church, walked around the streets and took photos of the buildings. Then we went to eat at a bakery shop and went back to school. This trip was very fun.

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