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My January camp

My January camp was amazing. My camps teacher was Ms Ruzanna our spanish teacher. My camp days were filled with games, trips , discussions and more…

Let me first say what discussions we had. We had discussions about social media, Death sentence should be legal or not , about the movie the place and a story about the suicidal boy which was translated by our teacher Ms Ruzanna herself. Those discussions were amazing and i loved hearing everyones opinion. Now let me touch up on the trips. We went ice skating and also we went to the blue mosque and we went to a quest. Every year our school takes us to ice skating and its amazing to see my progress and how well im able to skate now since i use to go to skating its easier for me and also im able to help the people you cant skate. The blue mosque was just beautiful i have seen it before but its amazing every time i see it. Now to the fun part the quest. I love puzzles and escape rooms so i was interested how it was in Armenia. The quest we wet was interesting overall that day was awesome . We also had kitchen time where we made spanish food. i cant overall say everything we did because it was alot. But i just loved everything we did and im now excited to start normal lessons

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