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Brands Name History

AdidasNamed for nickname of Adolf “Adi” Dassler
AmazonMost voluminous river for a site with hoped for voluminous sales
AppleSteve Job’s favorite fruit, simple and not cold or unapproachable
like IBM
CanonJapanese name of Buddhist bodhissatva for mercy Kannon
Coca-ColaMade from coca leaves and kola nuts—coca-kola
DanoneNamed for nickname of founder’s first son Daniel—Dan + One
eBayWas originally Echo Bay, but that was taken,
so Echo was shortened to e
GoogleA misspelling for math term “googol”
M&MsFor partners Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie (son of Hershey president)
PepsiNamed for digestive enzyme pepsin
ReebokNamed for African antelope rhebok
SamsungKorean for three stars
ToyotaFounder name Toyoda turned out to be hard to spell
VolkswagenGerman for peoples’ car

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