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My school trip

This Friday I went to my first trip to Lori. It was my first trip since I have been in high school last year. I went last year and this year was my first one. Out of the two I liked the second one better because it was more fun. I went to the trip with a couple of my friends and other people. I managed to make new friends and socialize. I got closer with some of the teachers and got to understand them. In my opinion school trips teach you a lot of new stuff u can socialize and get closer to my friends. I would love to go to trips with my class so I can get closer with them and understand them better. I think we should go somewhere where the whole class feels comfortable with. Out of the school trips I went to Dubai because I was born there I visit there pretty often. I would love to take my class to Dubai I think we would have a fun time. In Dubai I went to the places I would usually go to but I did go to new places such as global village and more. I went to a lot of thrift stores anime stores and I tried a lot of new food.

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