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Focus ( students book) 5.3 homework

1. A barista

Beige a barista is an interesting job because you meet new people everyday day plus making coffee is fun.


The Pros

1. You can financially help yourself and your parents.

2. You’ll be more confident, independent, and comfortable around strangers as the time goes on if you work as a barista or a job the requires communicating or being around people.

3. you’ll be able to treat your family or friends with little gifts here and there to make them happy.

The Cons

1. Having a part time job can have bad impact on your education if you dont organize your time.

2. The job itself might be very tiring for you can ruin your mood.

3. It can affect your rest time so you’ll be overworked.


  1. So many teens are succeeding in saving and that’s great.
  2. Research shows working while studying may be detrimental to high school graders.
  3. My teacher appreciated my getting a good grade


1. I cant help being considered irreplaceable even if im not

2. She supported i sacking which really upsets me.

3. Didn’t receive good results, i stand a little chance of getting into uni.

4. Got the job , i now regret applying

5. He was in the middle of telling off when i walked into the room.

6. Having a reliable source of income can be a strain on any family.


1. You develop a better sense of responsibility when your own money.

Earning your own money develops a better sense of responsibility.

2. I really don’t like to be told what to do.

I really don’t like being told what to do

3. The concern my parents have is that i work to hard.

My parents are concerning about me having to work hard

4. To be successful in life you are required to work hard.

Being successful in life you are required to work hard.

5. I tell my parents as soon as I receive any exam results.

On seeing the exam results , I immediately tell my parents.

6. The job market has got increasingly competitive so its essential to have good qualifications.

The job market is being increasingly competitive , good qualifications are essential.