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My opinion about the case

This case is one of the cases that changed a Whole rule in the UK. but not all of the countries in the UK banded the death penalty. Now on with the case. I feel like the biggest mistake in this case was the police not caring and wanting to finish the case faster. The police didn’t have enough evidence to accuse Evans. And when Evans mentioned that they should look into Christie they should have done so . The second mistake was the fact that they gave him the death penalty when they didn’t even have enough evidence . After they executed Evans And found out that Christie was actually the one they were shocked. That was a big mistake when Evans mentioned the name of Christie they should have looked into him no matter what even if Evans was the killer just to double check . Now the case is done this is what i think i can 100% agree that the police now are better we have devices and other stuff . But the technology does not mean we don’t wrongfully accuse the victims now. There are multiple cases where the victims where not heard and where wrongfully accused . Now back to the case They could have at least kept Evans in a holding cell until they found enough evidence or found the right guy . im happy tho that they all got the justice they deserved. Although Christie was a serial killer. Anyways i knew this case before we talked about it and honestly this is one of my least favorite cases.