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Students book. ex.1, ex.2


LISA: Hey, Kim, what are you looking at? 

KIM: My Science book. Can’t you see I’m busy? 

LISA: I’m just asking. Sorry. 

KIM:No, I’m sorry. I don’t feel great today. 

LISA: You don’t look very happy. What’s the matter? 

KIM:My dad makes me so cross.

LISA:That doesn’t sound so good. Why? 

KIM:He says I’m not allowed to be in the band. 

LISA: What?! So he won’t allow you to play in the talent show next week? 

KIM:No. He says no music until after my exams. 

LISA:But they don’t finish for four weeks! 

KIM:I know. He wants me to study and forget about writing songs. He won’t even letme practise the guitar

LISA: But you need some time to relax. 

KIM: I know. I get so angry when I think about it. It just isn’t fair.


1 taste

A What are you doing?

В I am tasting the soup … It taste great.

2 smell

A My socks smell really bad!

В Then why are you smelling them?

3 feel

A Why are you feeling that jumper?

В Because it’s so soft. I like the way it feels.

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