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Homework. Workbook ex 1,2


1.Unscramble the words and write them in the correct list. Add two more items to each list. srumd, laslacsic, jzaz, oilniv, tagriu, opp, inapo, par

Musical instruments

Types of music

drums, violin, guitar, piano, 
And cello, trumpet
Classical, jazz, pop, rap
And rock, R&B

2. Complete the sentences so they are true for you.

  1. I really like listening to rock, pop,old music.
  2. I never listen to Russian songs.
  3. I play the electric guitar and the drums
  4. I’d love to play the bass and the violin

Verbs of perception

1.Complete with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

  1. Why are you smelling the milk?
  2. What’s for dinner? It smells great.
  3. What are you looking at?
  4. You aren’t look great. What’s the matter?
  5. It tastes awful. What is it?
  6. Why are you tasting the soup again?
  7. A Why are you feeling my coat (feel)? В I’m sorry. It’s just so soft.
  8. I like the way this jumper feels.
  9. I love your new hairstyle. It looks fantastic!
  10. Your hands feel very cold. Are you ok?
  11. She’s not tasting the food for the wedding today; she’ll do it tomorrow.
  12. I don’t like that new building. It really not looks good.

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