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Homework — Frank R. Stockton «The Lady, or the Tiger?»

As you know, American writer Frank R. Stockton has left the ending of «The Lady, or the Tiger?» ambiguous to stimulate discussion among readers. You are not simply consumers of knowledge but you are also creators and you are not mere readers of this tale. Please write an interesting ending of the fairy tale and substantiate your argument.

  1. the tiger

So in my mind there are multiple endings. let me start with the possibility that the princess signaled the man to choose the door with the tiger. Let me tell you why she was jealous she liked him first and he was the first one that returned love to her. She would obviously be jealous if she saw him with another women. Keep in mind that he was the most handsome man in town and they brought the most beautiful women in town. It would be a pain for the princess to see him with another women. In my mind she would rather see him dead then with someone else.

2. The women

The second possibility would be that the princess signaled the man to the women.Yes she loved him. But if she loved him that means she wouldn’t want to see him dead she would rather see him alive with another women. Of course she would be heart broken at least she knows that his right in front of her . Plus they might even meet if thing don’t go well with the women.

3. Plot twist

I feel like this story needs a plot twist. Such as the princess singled him to the right door but in the door is nothing his free and he would run away and be with the princess. Because she couldn’t see him dead nor with another women. She would rather run away with her lover.

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