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A hard choice


Narrator – Karine, Tila

Queen – Shushan

King – Mark

Princess – Nune

Commoner – David

Second princess, lady – Serli

Guards – Margar, Zaven

Therapist – Arax

Priest – Saten

Journalist – Nare

Camerawoman – Lilith

Audience – Karina, Ani, Lilith, Nare

Dj – Nare(Qnarik), Teni

Scene 1 *Medieval music playing*

Karine: In the very olden times there lived a semi-barbaric king and queen. Some of their ideas were progressive. But others caused people to suffer. They loved to have everything their way and whatever they agreed upon was quickly done. This story, that is filled with drama and plot twists, shows love, jealousy, justice and injustice. The scene took place in the public square where the king and queen gathered everyone in the village.

*king and queen wave*

King: I’m King Edward and this is my wife queen Diana.

Queen: Your majesty, I don’t need you to introduce me when I can do that myself. I’m Queen Diana.

*Queen nudges princess*

Queen: *whispers* Introduce yourself.

The princess introduces herself.

King: I am here with an important message. From this day on whoever commits a crime will be put into an arena and his future will be decided then.

*Audience talks indistinctly*


Scene 2

Tila: Later that day the princess was in her room reading when a letter and a rose appeared

*The princess is in her room, reading* (her window is open)

*Suddenly a letter and a rose appear from the window*

*Mary opens the letter and then looks down her window, sees Henry*

Mary: If you continue doing this we are going to get caught.

Henry: I couldn’t bear being apart from you any longer. Now, tell me, when are we going to be free?

Mary: I don’t know.

Henry: So am I just supposed to come here all the time until we come to an agreement?

Mary: I suppose so.

*Queen Diana yelling Mary*

Mary: Hurry up and leave, she can’t see you.

*Henry leaves*

*The Queen enters the room*

Queen: I heard voices. Were you talking to someone?

Mary: Only myself.

*Queen walking and trying to find anything suspicious*

Queen: Alright, I guess you were talking to yourself. Now if you will excuse me I have things to do.

*Queen leaves the room, suspicious*

Scene 3

Karine: Later that night princess Mary and her sister Caroline were in their room, where Caroline was reading a book. She noticed that her sister was unfocused.

Caroline: What’s on your mind? You seem very distracted

Mary: Oh, nothing important.

Caroline: Are you sure it isn’t important? You have been like this all day.

Mary: I have to admit, sister. There is something that is bothering me and has been for a long time. I have met someone but I fear he isn’t royalty.

Caroline: Describe the mystery man.

Mary: Well, he’s quite clever, kind and loyal. Every second that I’m apart from him I feel such emptiness.

Caroline: I actually have to confess something too. But first tell me the young man’s name.

Mary: His name is Henry.

*A moment of silence*

*Caroline’s mood changes*

Mary: So what is it that you wanted to tell me?

Caroline: Oh, I forgot. So, how did you meet him?

*Tila (the narrator) stands in front of the sisters (Nune and Serli pretend to talk).

Tila: And so the princess starts telling Caroline the wonderful story of her meeting her love. I know what you may be thinking. This royal family seems normal and perfect, but they have many secrets, one of them being “princess” Caroline. Before the queen was forcefully married to the king she was with a commoner. They ended up having a child, a child which is a mystery to everyone but the Princess and the Queen. Everyone else in the castle, even the King think she’s just a royal worker.

*Therapist rushes in* Kisabac Lusamutner music – 1:18 – 1:25

Tila: What are you doing here?

Therapist: I am the therapist. I was hired by the royal family. Every time something dramatic happens I amalerted and we come to save the day. I have prepared some questions for you. The first question is – what two emotions were the sisters feeling?

Therapist: What is the root cause of jealousy?

Audience answers

Therapist: Thank you for helping us, I will come back later.

Scene 4

Karine: A few months pass, the commoner continues his visits to the princess. That had been their only way of communication and they valued every moment together. One day when the commoner visited her again and they were having a conversation something unbelievable happened.

*Karine leaves the stage*

*Henry throws a stone to the window*

Mary: What are you doing here?

Henry: I missed you

Mary: Me too, but if you come this early someone will see us.

Henry: Don’t worry.

*Suddenly journalists appear, start photographing them*

*The guards come in and arrest the young man*

*Caroline stands next to the journalists and smirks*

*Queen and King storm in*

Queen: How dare you!!

King: This boy must be punished.

Scene 5

Tila: It is now the day of the trial. Everyone is waiting for the king’s speech, since no one knows what’s going on.

*Therapist comes in*

Therapist: I am back. As I already said I heard about some drama and came as fast as I could. So in your opinion what is going to happen? Do you agree with the new rule?

*Audience answers*

Therapist: In your opinion is this story going to end with a plot twist?

*Audience answers*

Therapist: Well those were all the answers we needed. Let’s see how this crazy story is going to end.


*King sits on the throne*

King: Today a young man’s destiny will be decided. Opposite me there are two doors. They are exactly alike. The prisoner has to walk in and open one of them. Behind one door is a hungry tiger which will kill him immediately. But if the prisoner opens the other door a beautiful lady steps out. Then a priest will appear and marry them immediately.

*The guards bring the young man into the arena*

Tila: The princess is devastated. She knows that no matter what happens she is going to lose him. Since one of her maids found out which door can save the young man’s life, she has the chance to help him. So the princess raised her hand, and made a short, quick movement toward the right.

*The commoner opens the door, the maid (the sister) comes out*

*Queen and princess gasp in shock*

*The priest comes and starts marrying them*

Priest: Will you take Caroline to be your lawfully wedded wife, to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part, according to God’s holy ordinance and thereto.

Queen: Stop the ceremony, this cannot be happening!

King: But why, my love?

Queen: Don’t call me love and stop the ceremony, this is my daughter! *almost crying*

*The Audience gasps in shock*

*The journalists go crazy*

Journalists take photos and videos: This is going to be great money.

Camerawomen: Yes, we are going to be rich.

King: She can’t possibly be your daughter.

Queen: Well she is and she is not marrying a commoner.

Princess: Well… I am! If not we are going to run away and never see you again. *Mary and Henry run away* Diana: Guards take them!

*audience gaps again*

*Journalists go crazy again* *Guards catch them and come back*

Queen: If you have chosen this path, you are not our daughter anymore. Such embarrassment you have brought into our family. I fear I have no choice but to punish you. It is not too late to change your mind. You have to choose him or your life.

Princess: I think it is very clear what my decision was.

Queen: Alright then. Guards! Finish this.

*The guards kill the princess and the commoner*

*The therapist comes in*

Therapist: We witnessed the tragic story of this young couple. The story is called “A hard choice” since the princess has to choose between the person she loves and her family. As you can see the decision she made had consequences. The young couple chose what was best for them. They died but they did it for love. Thank you for being here and seeing our work. We hope you enjoyed it. THE END

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