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Sweet dreams

*Two friends sitting in class*

Friend 1: This class is so boring.

Friend 2: Yeah, I agree. Would you like to listen to some music?

Friend 1: What kind of music?

Friend 2: Obviously rock.

Friend 1: Okay.

*Friend 2 shares their headphones with friend 1 and they fall asleep* plays

*They wake up and look around*

Friend 1: Where are we?

*They turn around and see Dave Navarro playing the guitar(californication)*

Friend 1: Who’s that?

Friend 2: Is that… DAVE NAVARRO?

Friend 1: Who?

Friend 2: Dave Navarro! The guitar player of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

*Dave Navarro gets closer to the student*

Dave: I miss the old days i wonder if my friends can help me perform one of our songs.

Freddie: Were glad to help

*Damon, Kurt come out (perform californication)*

Dave: Sorry i dont think i introduce my friends theres Kurt Cobain then Freddie Mercury and Ozzy Osborn. And one of my friends are on there way.

Students : Ohh we know Kurt He is the lead singer of nirvana

Friend 2 : I love your song smells like teen spirit

*Kurt looking annoyed*

Kurt: Do you know any other song of ours

Students : No

Kurt: Have you ever heard in bloom

*The students shakes their heads*

Kurt: Guys lets educate these kids

*Performes in bloom*

Friend 1 : Well , That was amazing

Kurt : Well i know

Ozzy: Do you kids even know who i am

Students: No

Ozzy: Well i am the lead singer from black sabbath and i guess who haven’t heard our songs.

Kurt: Good guess Sherlock

*Ozzy looks at Kurt with an annoyed glare Kurt smiles *

Students: Well can you play us one of your songs maybe we will recognize it

Ozzy: Why not

*Perform Paranoid*

Friend 2 : Ohh i recognize this song but i never looked in about the band members

Friend 1 : I never heard about the band nor you but im really interested now.

Damon : What else do you kids listen to

Friend 1 : Well i really like system of a down

Unknown voice says: Did you mention system of a down

Dave : Oh his here

*Serj comes in under Srti banali *

Serj: Hello hello my friends sorry im late

Kurt : Why were you late we were waiting for you

Serj: I was eating dolma okey

Damon: What is that

Serj: You dont know what dolma is ohh sorry your not armenian you dont know

Damon: Well anyways one day you will bring some dolma with you and we can try now back to the topic friend 2 what songs do you listen to.

Friend 2 : i mean i like gorillaz but i only know the characters i never looked into the real members tho.

Kurt: Your talking to one of the members now

Friend 2: Wait really kurt

Kurt: No damon use your brain kid

Damon: Anyways yes i was in gorillaz and thats not the only band i was in i was also in Blur

Friend 1 : The name of your band seems familiar

*Serj pulls out a ukulele out of the suitcase*

Serj: What if i play one of blurs songs you will recognize it

Students:Good idea

*Performes Song 2*

Students: I am definitely adding this song to my playlist

Damon: Well glad you liked it

Dave: Say. do you guys know anything about system of a down

Serj: Right since im here let me tell you guys a bit about the band

Students: Were all ears

Serj: Well we are an Armenian-American metal rock band. Do you guys know where Armenia is by any chance.

Friend 1 : Yea i know Albania

Kurt: Not Albania Armenia

Friend 2 : Ohh Algeria

Dave: No Armenia

Students: ohh we get it Argentina

The artists together : Its Armenia

Kurt: Cant you get it in your little heads

Damon: Damn and its un easy name why are you guys saying it wrong

Serj: Back to the topic so we can play one of our songs that is not very metally


Friend 1 : I have only heard your metal songs so this is going to be interesting

*Perfomes Atwa*

Friend 2 : Wow i never heard your songs but i will definitely start listening to your music

Friend 1 : It was still metal in a way but i loved it

Serj: Glad you enjoyed it

Kurt: Yo Freddie you haven’t said a word this whole time whats up

Freddie: Oh nothing im just tired

Kurt: Hey kids have you ever heard.the rock band queen

Friend 2 : Um no

Friend 1 : Nope not that im familiar with

Kurt: Are you kidding Queen is one of the best Rock bands in the history

Damon: And Freddie Mercury is the lead singer in it

Ozzy: Well its a shocker that you guys dont know who he is

Freddie : Guys no need mabye they dont like queen

Kurt: Well their mentally unstable if thats the case

*Kurt glares at the students*

Dave: Calm down Kurt we just have to teach them

Kurt: Fine Hit it Serj

*Performes Good old fashioned lover boy*

Students: Wow i guess we were uncultured

The artist: We told you so

Friend 1: I learned so much from you guys i am gonna be adding all of these songs to my playlist

Friend 2 : Yea same this was an amazing experience

The artist: Welcome kiddos

Dave : Glad you had a fun time

Kurt: I hope you guys wont only listen to smells like teen spirit

*School bell rings*

Student 1 : Wait was that a dream

Student 2: That was the best dream ever

*Teacher staring at them in anger*

Students: Oh no guess we are in trouble

Teacher: Yes you are and go to the principals office now

Friend 1 : Do you wanna listen to music until the principal comes

Friend 2 : Hell yea

*I love rock and roll*

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