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November 18-22 (Lesson 1)

Classwork: English in mind, Slide 16, Olivia’s story, when and while

Homework: Continue Olivia’s story, write what happened in the end.

Out of the spaceship comes out a demogorgon

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but this time the demogorgon didn’t want to kill people he was a tourist so he went and said to Will, Mike, Eleven, Billy, max and the others that he wanted to travel the world and they were very surprised because the demogorgo would always come to kill them or to hurt them so the demogorgon brought his girlfriend the shadow monster

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or as the mind flayer and they traveled the world and had a good time they thanked their friends and left to their planet .After going back to their planet years went by and they go back to earth another way its called THE UPSIDE DOWN but this time they went there to kill and hurt everyone they were evil .They had the idea of hurting the humans they would hurt them and take them to the UPSIDE DOWN.And that is how 11 lost her powers.Mike tried to comfort her but she just lost her powers for good and eleven and the others move to another state and mike was very sad that she was leaving because mike loved eleven .🥰🥰after a year they met again and mike said eleven its me mike !!! and eleven with tears in her eyes ran up to him and hugged him hestarted crying when he found out eleven still remembered her .Eleven

told mike that there something serious going on with hopper (the cop!!!) after he went to the upside down everything has gone strange like finding out that billy is still alive after the mind flayer killed him(didn’t kill him…)or nearly killed him or nearly killed him as I can sayI can say mike shouted in shock and said billy is alive
Too be counted…..

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