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November 18-22 (Lesson 2)

Homework: ex.1ex.2ex.3


1. I hate to get up early in the morning.
2. I can’t see what you are trying to get at.
3. We don’t earn much money but we can get by.
4. Work pressure is really getting me down.
5. We are getting off at the next station.
6. How could you get away with cheating on the test?
7. He got on his bike and rode down the road.
8. He and his neighbors get on well.
9. I have got too much work to do. I’d better get on with it.
10. My puppy died last month and I can’t get over it.
11. We have got through all the rice.
12. I wonder what he is getting up to. 


1.When we got  back to the party, she had already left.

2.The police let him get away with just a warning.

3.What time does our train get  in?

4.We have to get  up early tomorrow to catch our plane.

5.We have to get  together for a chat soon.

6.It was a very difficult time in my life but I managed to get  through it.

7.I stopped the car and got out.

8.Does Susan get along with your parents?

9.I couldn’t get  down his phone number. He spoke too quickly.

10.They got  off the train when it stopped at their station.


1. I was late for work because I didn’t get up in time.

2. Can we finish this tomorrow? I am really tired and it’s getting on.

3. That fat kid always gets out of doing sport for some reason or other.

4. The buses in this town are awful and I prefer to use my mountain bike to get around.

5. It is raining again. Weather like this really gets me down (me).

6. The killer got away with his crime because the police couldn’t find any evidence.

7. I asked him to look for that report but he said he never had time to get around to doing it. He is lazy, I think!

8. We will find it easier to get by once you get that part-time job at the supermarket.

9. She never got over losing that dream job of hers and has been depressed ever since.

10. He didn’t get on with his boss and finally decided to leave the company rather than stay there working for him.

11. I can’t get through to Tom on this phone – there’s no signal in this building.

12. You need to get across to your wife how terrible life would be without her. Maybe then, she will change her mind about the divorce.

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