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A day without mobile phone

Life has become very dependent on the cellular phone. People can’t go out of home without it, and if they forget it at home, they feel as if they have left some important part of themselves at home.It is true to say that the cellular phone, and especially the smartphone, has turned into an extension of the human body.

Well I could do a day without my phone because when I was in 5th grade I broke my phone so I didn’t have a phone for 2 weeks so I survived 2 weeks I think I could do 1 day. But at the same time I can’t because if I don’t check on my phone at list 1 time I would think that I lost it. Yea I kinda have bad memory 😂 Guess who is gonna forget everything ME . But when I was attached to my phone I thought how could people live without a phone like how. But now that I have matured a little bit I know that a phone is just an object is not that important for me .

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