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About myself (formally)

Hello my name is Arax Kalijain . I am 15 years old . I have been a formal student in Bleyan for 3 years now . My hobbies are singing , sewing , drawing and more. I play the electric guitar and i am learning how to play the drums tho i have learned to multiple instruments such as the flute, the piano and the violin. My dream is to become a fashion designer but that wasn’t my first choice. My first choice is to become a homicide detective. Im very interested in making jewelry , art , murder cases and more. I love languages and i often see that i learn them very quickly. I am now putting myself a goal so i can learn Japanese. I am also very interested in cultures they are interesting to me to see how different they are from Armenians. I am also enjoy playing video games . I love playing them on my free time. One of my favorite games are call of duty and horizon zero dawn. At the moment i am playing zelda skyward sword. I also love reading i am currently reading the novel “only time will tell” by Jeffrey Archer . I already have 3 of the 6 novels and i love it and i would recommend. I would also recommend the catch of the rye . Well thats what i can tell you about myself

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